300g bawang merah, pound.
400g minced pork (shoulder meat)
300g pork liver (use lesser liver if you don’t like the smell)
30g ketumbar (pan fried and pound)
100g pig’s fat (fried to get oil, then pound the crotons)
Enough caul lining for 25-30 balls. Wash in a container of water with salt. Squeeze dry.
A tablespoon of Assam paste.

Season the pork with light soya sauce, pepper, sugar, and flour

Cut the liver into strips of 2cm then blanch in hot water lightly cooked. Removed and cut it into cubes. Season it with light soya, pepper, sugar and salt

Using 2 tablespoon of pork lard, fry the shallot till light brown, then add in pork and lightly fry to say 30% cook. Add in the liver and fry for a minute. Then add in the ketumbar, crotons, assam, and dark soya sauce and fry for another minute or two. Adjust the taste.

Let it cool.

Make into ball then wrap it with the caul lining. Be sure to wrap it double to hold the meat.

Put a tablespoon of oil into pan and with small fire brown the balls till cook all around.

Eat this as an appetiser or whatever you like.

Sound simple but it took a few hours in the Kitchen. Pai Mia Lang LOL..

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