This is a staple breakfast for Singaporeans. In the mornings, the soya bean hawkers will boil their soya bean milk and transport that to their stalls when I was young. My neighbour is one such hawker.

This neighbour always reminds me of pandan leaves, because they grew a lot of the plants in the garden. Every time my mom needed pandan leaves, I would have to knock on their doors. Sometimes, they will get really angry because they were sleeping when I knocked.

To make this soya bean curd, you will need to make the soya bean milk first. The link is

Bean Curd

Bean Curd


1 liter soya bean milk, hot

22g bean curd coagulant

90 mil water at room temperature


  1. First, make the soya bean milk. If you have soya bean milk, that's good, otherwise, follow my link here:
  2. Mix the water and the coagulant.
  3. Pour the milk into the coagulant mixture from a height of 50cm.
  4. Do not disturb the bean curd for at least half an hour to let it set.