No, I am not a good photographer, nor am I a good cook.  I started taking photos of my food for two main reasons.

Firstly, I am spending less and less time in Singapore and I do miss the food. I cook everyday, so I can reproduce most of the food, since we can get most ingredients in most parts of the world today.

But I cannot always remember the taste and smell.  So, it is hard to reproduce the food the way I want it.  There are so many recipes on the Internet but they don’t reflect my memories.  And therefore, I have to take photographs of my own to remind myself what I like, and what I do not.

The second reason is to show my husband what I have been feeding the kids, so that he knows and can participate in their lives.  My husband is still in Singapore, and food is an important part of our family lives.  My kids can all cook and we spend time in the kitchen. By showing him photos of what the kids are eating, he has an additional conversation topic with them.

So my friends, if you enjoy the food we Singaporeans share, then please contribute your recipes!  It does not matter if these are Singaporean food, food inspired by another culture or anything at all.  All of them are stuff we love, and what we share with family and friends.

~ Pamela Lim